Mission Supporting patients through their kidney care journey.

In the words of our patients

The fact that I work, having the energy to work all day, and have our gatherings with friends or family, I’m able to be a better provider for my family now and to keep up with them. Elias
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Transforming care, transforming lives

Since 1974, Satellite Healthcare has been a pioneer in individualized dialysis care and today is a leading provider of home dialysis and innovative kidney care services for over 8,000 patients in 6 states. In 2023, we created the Satellite Healthcare Foundation for Kidney Health because of an increasing number of generous supporters who believe in our mission and want to help us make a difference. 

Through our Foundation, we ensure patients and families have access to dialysis treatments, education and the support they need.

Satellite Foundation Hero

Kidney health awareness

In the U.S. alone, more than 37 million people live with chronic kidney disease. Each year, approximately 21,000 kidney transplants are performed, and more than 460,000 people receive dialysis treatments.

Many patients struggle to pay for the life sustaining treatment they need, which is why your support is needed.

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Your power as a donor

Your support helps ensure people living with kidney disease have access to life sustaining treatment. Supporters help us meet our patients’ most pressing needs, whether it’s transportation to dialysis, uncompensated expenses related to disease management or services, or kidney health education.

  • Since 2011, Satellite Healthcare has funded:
    • $64 million towards patient programs and community benefits
    • $34 million towards research & development
    • $11 million in grants for research

See how your gift can impact lives

Renal Dietitian

"What we do touches real people, who have hopes and dreams. We play a part in their lives. We have to do it right."

Dr. Wael Hussein

Chief Medical Officer, Research & Development

Satellite CMO Wael Hussein

"Each person's right to compassionate, safe, and optimal care for each stage of their kidney disease journey drives our intentions and efforts. "

Dr. Gopa Green

Chief Medical Officer, In-Center Dialysis Services & Clinical Programs

Gopa Green Chief Medical Officer Satellite