National Kidney Month - Focus on Kidney Health!

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March is National Kidney Month. What better time for us to encourage everyone to practice good kidney health habits, beginning with a tall glass of water!

Most people have no idea that one-in-three adults are at risk of kidney disease. Thirty-seven million Americans have kidney disease and do not even know it, and 100,000 patients are on the kidney transplant list, waiting for donors.  This is unique to kidney disease. 

As we know, preventing kidney disease starts with understanding one’s own kidney health, and effective education can help people prevent or manage their existing disease. Encouraging good kidney health habits and spreading the word can go a long way in minimizing kidney disease.

Understand the Risk factors:
spread the word about the major risk factors for chronic kidney disease (CKD):

  • Obesity
  • Diabetes and pre-diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease

Any of these conditions can increase the risk of CKD. Conveying this information effectively to patients and those at-risk can encourage them to talk to their doctors.  This is a great way to enhance their understanding of kidney disease and whether they are at risk.

For people already suffering from CKD, managing their condition diligently can help them live as healthily as possible. Exercise and good nutrition are powerful ways to mitigate or manage the impacts of CKD and enable kidney patients to live their lives with fewer disruptions. Encourage others to find out how they can manage or prevent CKD, by visiting the National Kidney Foundation’s A to Z Health Guide.

Let us strive to raise awareness, and promote robust kidney health this National Kidney Month!