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You deserve the best kidney care. Trust us to help you make treatment and lifestyle choices that bring hope.

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5 advantages of dialysis at home

Home dialysis is the best treatment option for many people. Find out how dialysis at home fits into your lifestyle.

Individualized, compassionate care just for you

Getting to know you as a person first. That’s where we start. What are your hopes and dreams? What’s most important? How do you live your life? As we get to know you, we help you choose the best treatment. Find out how to live the best life possible

Healthier and happier

Each year, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) conducts a careful review of dialysis centers and surveys patient opinions. Consistently, Satellite Healthcare teams come out on top for quality care and patient satisfaction. Compare our quality outcomes and patient satisfaction with other dialysis providers

Helping more people benefit from home dialysis

Satellite Healthcare was an early pioneer in training and support for dialysis at home. Thanks to our expert training teams and comprehensive treatment support, we have the highest percentage of patients confidently having treatment at home in the U.S. Learn about the freedom and flexibility of home dialysis

Where to start

No matter where you are on your kidney care journey, we are here to help you live your best life.

Don’t delay starting treatment

A smooth transition to a healthy dialysis lifestyle will help you live a longer, healthier life.


Learn about each treatment option

Work with your doctor to choose the best option for you. Be open to options that give you the most energy and flexibility.


Know you are in good hands

Each year, thousands of people trust our compassionate team of kidney care experts as they adjust to a healthy dialysis lifestyle. With their help, you’ll soon feel better and be ready to get on with the rest of your life.

Get options information from a caring expert

A treatment adviser is ready to explore your options with you. He or she answers your questions and supports you as you choose a treatment option that is a good fit for you.

Understand each treatment option

Find out if a kidney transplant is right for you. If dialysis is needed, learn more about the types of dialysis, especially those that offer you better health and more lifestyle flexibility.

Work with your kidney doctor

Your kidney doctor understands what your body needs. You know what kind of life you’d like to lead. Working together, make a treatment choice that gives you the best health outcome and the best quality of life.

Ask your doctor to check your kidney function

There are few symptoms of early kidney disease, but kidney function is easily checked with a simple blood test. Finding kidney disease early can make a big difference in your long-term health.

Choose a kidney-healthy lifestyle

Choices you make can help keep your kidneys as strong as possible. Eating kidney-friendly foods, regular exercise, and following your doctor’s advice can prevent or slow CKD.

Understand the causes and symptoms of kidney disease

Diabetes and high blood pressure are the primary causes for more than two-thirds of kidney disease cases in the U.S. Learning more about the causes and symptoms helps you and your doctor do everything possible to keep your kidneys working their best.

Partnering with Satellite Healthcare

Top healthcare professionals choose Satellite because of our approach to meaningful collaboration and a shared passion for quality outcomes.

For physicians

Year after year, our physician net promoter survey scores are among the highest anywhere in healthcare. Learn how we partner with physicians for better patient care.

For hospitals

Hospitals trust us to deliver efficient and effective acute dialysis, outpatient billing, total discharge planning and patient options education.

For health plans

We’re proud to partner with health plans as they look for new and more efficient ways to help their patients with CKD live a longer and healthier life. 
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Education to help patients live a better life

The most important person on any care team is the patient. Treatment plans include individualized, continuing education, so those under our care have the information they need to live a longer and healthier life. 

HD care research

Research to advance kidney care for all

Satellite is recognized nationally as a leader in research to improve treatment care standards and patient quality of life. Our positive findings are rapidly adopted by treatment providers to benefit people living with CKD today.

In the words of our patients

I’m working on my bucket list, which is all the places I want to go. I can do that now. Even beyond that, I think I’m still here, and alive, and functioning as well as I do, because I’m doing home hemo. Annette
There are some real advantages to it, especially the flexibility, and the way you can customize it to your needs. Dick
I am so glad I learned how to do dialysis at home. I have energy and feel hopeful about the future. Best of all, I can have treatment anywhere. Our next big trip is a cruise. I can't wait. Eric
Dialysis has reversed the whole thing. Now I do 100 pushups in the morning and I do 100 pushups in the evening. I do 50 laps, and then I’ll go ride the bike. I’m not trying to impress you, I’m trying to express what dialysis can do. Ken
I wouldn’t have the confidence to do home hemo if it wasn’t for Satellite educating me on a constant basis. Robert
The fact that I work, having the energy to work all day, and have our gatherings with friends or family, I’m able to be a better provider for my family now and to keep up with them. Elias
I can live the life I want to. I can travel, I’ve been to Europe with my dialysis machine. Nothing stopped us. Patrick
They've been very supportive...cheering me on, making sure I'm okay. Wilson

It isn't about dialysis

With all the talk about treatment, we never lose sight that what it’s really about is helping people live a longer, healthier life that includes time to enjoy the moments of joy that make life worth living.

medical social worker

Careers with a purpose

Caring for people with chronic kidney disease is our calling, our passion and our privilege. Regardless of our professional role, each of us is here to make sure the quality of every patient's life is the best it can be.

physician satisfaction

Helping physicians focus on what matters most

Easy-to-use technology. Expert patient education. Effective care coordination. As a nephrologist-led organization, we understand your needs, enabling us to provide individualized care for the best patient outcomes possible.