How People with CKD Can Stay Active

man with dog
From improving muscle function to maintaining a healthier body weight — getting regular exercise when living with chronic kidney disease (CKD) has many health benefits. Here are some tips to help those living with CKD to lead an active and healthier lifestyle.

Find Ways to Exercise

People living with CKD or on dialysis may be concerned that they are no longer able to exercise. The good news is, yes, you can! Not only does regular exercise increase energy levels and boost your mood, but it can also help control blood pressure, and improve sleep. Here are some ways to get exercise:
  • Go for a walk - Taking your dog for a walk could also motivate you to stay active.
  • Try light yoga stretches - stretching helps to warm up your muscles and keep you flexible.
  • Go for a swim - If you have a pool, swimming offers a great low-impact workout.

Other Ways to Keep Active

You don’t have to run a marathon to remain physically fit. If you find that traditional exercise is too strenuous for you, or your doctor has ordered you to limit certain activities, here are some alternative ways that you can exercise:
  • Do some gardening in your backyard - playing in your garden is a great way to stay physically active.
  • Get to your chores - cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, and vacuuming can keep your body moving more than you may think!
  • Try chair exercises - From leg lifts to arm circles, you can do many different exercises while sitting down.
Before adding a new exercise to your routine, be sure to consult with your physician to prevent further health complications.
When it comes to staying active and getting exercise, there are many benefits for CKD patients. To learn more about how to manage kidney disease with diet and exercise, and other helpful information about living with CKD, visit Satellite Healthcare’s blog.