What to expect when you begin dialysis

starting dialysis?

Preparation smooths the transition to a healthy dialysis lifestyle

More than 500,000 people in our country live a life that includes dialysis treatment. Most every one of them faced their first treatment with some amount of worry and fear. There’s a lot to learn, but many dedicated healthcare professionals are ready to help you. 

A care team focused on you

Your dialysis care team is ready to answer your questions, give you information to make smart health decisions, and help you lead the longest, healthiest life possible.

Meet your care team
home dialysis care team

Getting your dialysis access placed

Dialysis needs a way into your body to safely remove toxins and extra fluid. This is called dialysis access.

Consider the access type

For most people, the safest access type is a fistula. If that’s not possible to create, there’s also graft access or, as a last resort, catheter access.

Get the access placed

Your care team will set up a time at the access center for this procedure. You may have a few follow-up appointments to make sure the access is healthy and ready for use.

Care for your access

Learn about the few simple steps you need to know to keep your access healthy and ready for dialysis treatment.

Create a dialysis access

PD treatments access the lining of your abdomen through a catheter. The catheter is a soft, flexible plastic tube about the length of a ruler and the width of a pencil.

Schedule minor surgery

During a minor surgery, one end of the PD catheter is put into your peritoneal cavity. The rest of the catheter comes through the patient’s lower abdomen, underneath and to the side of the belly button.

Keep your access healthy

Learn about the few simple steps you need to know to keep your access healthy and ready for dialysis treatment.
home dialysis patient welcome

Home dialysis training at Satellite WellBound

Your home dialysis team is here to give you expert training so you can confidently have treatment at home.  Learn how to prepare for the first few sessions with your care team.

center dialysis patient welcome

Getting ready for hemodialysis at Satellite Healthcare

Your care team is ready to welcome you to the dialysis center. Learn how to prepare for your treatments at Satellite Healthcare.

Additional Resources

Eating and drinking on dialysis

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Paying for dialysis care

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Asking for help as you begin dialysis

There are many ways to get the support you need to begin dialysis with confidence. Learn more about our support resources.