Showing Your Caregiver Gratitude


Being a caregiver isn’t  easy, and for many, it’s done out of love and care for someone close to their hearts.

For people  who have a caregiver, now is the perfect time of year to show them  extra gratitude. Even the most simple, yet sincere effort can mean the world to them.

Give Them “Me Time”

Plan a day where someone else can help out so your regular caregiver can have some respite and get a bit more “me” time. Whether they spend time at home with a book or out doing their own holiday shopping, that alone time can help them feel refreshed and ready for the new year.

A Little Thing Can Mean  So Much

What’s their favorite meal? Maybe they’ve been talking about a book they’d like to read? A simple and affordable gesture can show that you listen and are grateful for their commitment to you.

Plan Something Special Together

Stop for lunch with your caregiver or even just a cup of coffee. Take a walk or drive through a pleasant  neighborhood with holiday decorations. Think of something that only happens during the holidays and share a bit of cheer together.

Just Say It

Sometimes words are all you need to share how you feel. A simple, heartfelt thank you card, or handwritten letter can let a caregiver know how appreciated and unique they are. Take your time, gather your thoughts, and then write from your heart.