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10 Easy Tips to Stay on Top of Your Foot Health


Proper foot care is essential for anyone with chronic kidney disease. Though it might seem like just another thing to put on your to-do list, foot care can quickly become an important part of your daily routine. To ensure you’re  keeping your feet healthy:

1. Keep Blood Flowing.

Wiggle your toes and feet often. Keep them elevated when you can, and don’t sit with your legs crossed for long periods of time.

2. Keep Active.

Regular activity and working up a light sweat boosts blood flow. Check with your doctor on the exercises you should consider.

3. Watch Blood Sugar.

Check your blood sugar as recommended by your doctor and work to keep within your target range. With daily sugar and diet checks, you can be sure you’re taking the proper steps to protect your feet.

4. Wash Daily.

Take the time to wash and dry your feet thoroughly, but avoid soaking them. As you wash them, check for blisters, red spots, or swelling and be sure to let your doctor know if any changes occur.

5. Trim Nails Weekly.

Your toes nails should be kept at a healthy length and trimmed weekly. Cut them straight across and file the edges. Ask your caregiver or social worker if you need help keeping your nails trimmed.

6. Treat Corns and Calluses.

Take the time to gently file and smoothen any corns or calluses you may have.

7. Keep Feet Soft.

Be sure to keep your feet soft by lotioning them daily, avoiding getting lotion  between your toes.

8. Slip-on Socks.

Avoid walking barefoot, and make sure you don’t  wear your shoes without socks. Proper fitting shoes and socks are vital too!

9. Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold.

Temperature change is a no-no for your feet. Keep them covered in cold weather but avoid a heated blanket or any other heating devices. When the weather begins to heat up, you’ll never want to walk on hot pavement without shoes.

10. Check with Your Doctor.

Make sure to  ask your doctor to check your feet routinely.

If you have any questions about proper foot care, reach out to your Doctor or Dialysis Nurse for help!