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Choosing Home Dialysis Was the Right Choice for Eric Blocker

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Eric Blocker felt that in-center dialysis wasn't quite right for him. Eric had fatigue, muscle soreness, and didn't have energy to do the things he loved.

His kidney doctor and kidney options educator helped him understand his treatment options. His home dialysis training nurse guided Eric and Tameka, his wife, through the home hemodialysis education process. His nurse also helped the Blockers set up a safe, comfortable treatment area in their home. With his home treatment area ready to go, and increasing confidence that he could do dialysis himself, Eric started doing treatment at home, with a dialysis nurse on standby 24/7 by phone.

After just a few weeks of home dialysis, Eric's muscle cramps are gone. He has his energy back and loves doing dialysis on his own schedule.

"You have so much more freedom...you can do it at your own pace...we can travel, we can take our machine with us," says Eric. 

"It's a breath of fresh air doing home dialysis, because I know this enhances his quality of life," says Tameka. 

Follow Eric and Tameka's journey to home dialysis below.


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