Honoring Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month: Richard Valbuena

Richard Valbuena

Richard Valbuena, Home Regional Vice President, Kipp Home, is proud of his Asian heritage, coming from the Philippines to live and work in California. Richard is a registered nurse, with a background in nephrology, CICU, ICU, medical-surgical, hospice, and leadership. His strong commitment to the core values of nursing and the diversity of challenges in healthcare and ethical care inspire him to make a difference in people’s lives. He holds a BSN degree in nursing and an MBA with a focus on healthcare administration.

Richard combines his passion for healthcare leadership with his interest in developing adaptive organizational culture. “As a healthcare organization, Satellite Healthcare extends excellent orientation to patient care, diversity, and respectful work ethos,” says Richard. “Overall, Satellite Healthcare provides personal and professional alignment with my career choices,” adding that, “Healthcare is a universal need. It’s a rewarding career with mobility, advancement, innovation and flexibility. It’s all about wanting to make a difference in people’s lives, developing a commitment to gaining cultural knowledge and competencies, and achieving personal balance. To anyone thinking about nursing, I would say, ‘if providing empathetic and culturally responsive care resonates with you, a successful healthcare career awaits you!’”

Richard has a daughter and two beautiful granddaughters, along with a son who recently graduated from high school and plans to follow in his father’s footsteps by pursuing a career in nursing.