Living with Chronic Kidney Disease

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Emotional Wellness with a chronic disease

Like any chronic disease, life with CKD has its challenges. Getting the right medical care and support from family and friends is a great start. Still, living with a serious health condition has emotional ups and downs. Here are some reminders on self care to be prepared to cope with the days that seem harder than most.

Get Sleep

Things just seem a little better when we have enough rest. Get 7 to 9 hours each night. Enough sleep helps your body work better plus it helps us cope with feelings of anxiety, depression, and other distressing emotions.

Talk With Someone You Trust

Find someone you trust and then really open up with them – a friend, family member, or a professional therapist. When you speak, give yourself permission to cry, yell. The most important thing is to let those emotions out.

Keep a Journal

Another great way to let out all the emotions you are feeling is through a journal. Spend a few minutes each day jotting down your emotions, hopes, and fears. Or, give audio journaling a try. There are a number of free mobile phone apps that, with one press of a button, you can speak aloud what’s on your mind and it will be recorded. You can share the recording or not. Some of the apps, even convert the recording to text for a written document of your journey.

Share a Laugh

There’s truth behind the saying that laughter is the best medicine. Laughing and smiling have been proven to help to elevate your mood and reduce the negative effects of distressing emotions like anxiety and depression. Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, put on your favorite funny movie or get the giggles with a close friend. Curious about laughter yoga? Check out Satellite Healthcare’s research-proven laughter therapy program to get people with CKD feeling happier.

Do Something You Love Every Day

Even on the hardest days, there are many things that make life worth living. Make sure you find time every day to do what brings you joy, here are just a few suggestions:
  • Join time in a place of natural beauty
  • Visit with a close friend or loved one
  • Get swept away with painting, drawing, or some other artistic hobby
  • Take a drive to a nearby lake or beach
  • Play your favorite music album from high school
  • Volunteer an hour or two for someone who needs help
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