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Medical Director Survey Analysis and Insights

A Medical Clinical Affairs White Paper | February 2019

Medical Director SurveyAnalysis and Insights

Authors: Gopa Green, MD, Graham Abra, MD, Toby Gottheiner, MD, & Brigitte Schiller, MD

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Satellite Healthcare’s Medical Clinical Affairs team conducted an extensive survey of the Medical Director experience though physician-to-physician interviews with over 80% of our Medical Directors in late 2018.

In the attached White Paper, we discuss their feedback on the physician rounding experience, WellBound and modality education, medical directorship issues, organizational communication, physician identified clinical priorities for dialysis care and an objective measure of the physician experience called the Net Promoter Score. The results of the survey were also presented at the recent 2019 Medical Director Meeting.

We found this feedback incredibly valuable and are using it to help us to further improve both patient care and the physician experience at Satellite Healthcare so that nephrologists can focus on the patient and the high complexity of care encountered in ESRD. Given the high utility of this physician feedback we will be expanding this survey to all our referring physicians in 2019.