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Our WellBound Emeryville patients are now being serviced out of our Oakland center (255 2nd Street, Oakland, CA).


Satellite Healthcares 2016 Coplon Grant Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2016 Norman S. Coplon Extramural Grants Program. Recognizing an increased need for research with near-term and widespread applications, we awarded three 2016 grants for applied pragmatic clinical research with results that can be used to improve patient care today. The recipients for the 2016 grant program and their topics of research are:
  • Laura Plantinga, PhD, Emory University, “Improving Communication About Physical Functioning Between Dialysis Patients and Their Providers”
  • Matthew Rivara, MD, University of Washington, “Assessing Patient-Reported Experience of Care for Home Dialysis”
  • Bjoerg Thorsteinsdottir, MD, Mayo Clinic, “Evidence Based Encounter Decision Aid for Elderly Patients to Promote Shared Decision Making on Treatment Choice in End Stage Renal Disease”
Named after our founder, Stanford nephrologist Norm Coplon, the Norman S. Coplon Extramural Grants Program has funded over $15 million in research to improve the lives of patients since 2000. Each 2016 recipient is granted $200,000 over two years of research. The program also includes an annual symposium where grant recipients share their findings, receive constructive feedback and participate in a free exchange of ideas with peers and members of Satellite's Scientific Advisory Board. This year’s symposium was held May 14 in San Francisco to present past grant recipients’ research and evaluate 2016 research applications.
Congratulations to Dr. Plantinga, Dr. Rivara, and Dr. Thorsteinsdottir!