People on dialysis deserve a better life

history of dialysis care?

A simple idea that changed the way people received treatment

In the 1960s and early 1970s, people living on dialysis often traveled great distances, three times a week, to a regional medical center for their life-sustaining treatments.

Dr. Norm Coplon, Satellite Healthcare’s founder, believed it was possible to offer individualized dialysis care in a friendlier, more comfortable environment, closer to where people lived.

With just six patients, the first Satellite dialysis center opened March 1st, 1974. The little center, tucked away in a quiet San José, California neighborhood, was the start of a collaborative, energetic spirit that spurred a series of innovations and opportunities.

Today, Satellite Healthcare has more than 2,800 employees caring for about 8,500 patients. We have more than 90 centers are located in seven states – California, Hawaii, Texas, Tennessee, New Jersey, Georgia and South Carolina.

As we celebrate our past, we look to what the future holds and to the many more lives we’ll be able to touch with high-quality, individualized kidney care.

When a patient comes through our doors, that person is telling us that he or she wants to live. Our job is giving as much quality to that life as possible. Dr. Norman S. Coplon, Founder, Satellite Healthcare
dialysis pioneer

Quality dialysis closer to where people live

Located in a tiny building, tucked behind a gas station in west San Jose, California, our first location was the first free-standing dialysis center in Santa Clara County.

early home dialysis

Early leader in dialysis at home

In the 1980s, new dialysis treatment options offered patients more flexibility and better outcomes. Satellite WellBound was an early pioneer in bringing a range of dialysis options to patients. This leadership continues – Satellite has the highest percentage of people on home dialysis treatment in the U.S.

Defining the future of CKD patient care

From its early days, Satellite recognized the important role of supporting applied clinical research. Each year, Satellite funds worthwhile projects that seek to improve the lives of people  living with kidney disease.

Bringing a team approach to patient care

Satellite clinical staff realized early on that high-quality dialysis treatment was just the beginning. Satellite brings together teams of compassionate experts to help patients understand all the ways they could lead a better life. This includes advice on meal planning, medications and their side effects, and social-emotional health.

Deep ties to the CKD community

Long before the first center opened, Dr. Coplon, our founder, was an active volunteer in many CKD community organizations. His passion lives on today. Satellite teams consistently volunteer time to community organizations in their neighborhood and beyond.

Innovating the role of patient-education

Satellite WellBound was the first kidney care company to offer free wellness classes to educate and empower pre-dialysis patients and their families to help them lead longer, healthier lives.

Step back in time and hear about the history of dialysis from some early patient care innovators.