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Satellite Healthcare is a leading, national non-profit kidney care company that has been dedicated to making life better for patients with kidney disease since 1974. Satellite Healthcare and its entities provide:

  • in-center and home dialysis services;
  • innovative research and clinical trials; and
  • early and end-stage-kidney disease management.

Our focus is to improve the quality and access of dialysis care, reduce costs and implement integrated value-based care models.

Satellite Healthcare has more than 90 dialysis centers in five states and relationships with some of the most prestigious nephrologists and institutions in the United States. In addition, Satellite Healthcare has a well-recognized, enduring commitment to philanthropy and community service, from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsoring kidney programs worldwide.

Physician Partnership Opportunities with Satellite Healthcare

Join us in making lives better for those living with kidney disease.

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Medical Director

Medical Directorships

Established in 1973 by a nephrologist as a non-profit organization, Satellite Healthcare offers an innovative approach to partnerships that is particularly appealing to nephrologists. We offer the optimal balance of consistently excellent clinical outcomes and personalized patient care, giving both patients and physicians the best experience in the industry.

doctor joint venture

Joint Ventures

Satellite Healthcare’s commitment to physicians makes us an indispensable partner, both clinically and financially. Satellite Healthcare’s 48 years of consecutive growth underscores our ability to offer financially successful, professionally satisfying and stable partnership opportunities for nephrologists.

dialysis care for hospitals

Hospital Joint Ventures

Satellite Healthcare’s 48 years of consecutive growth means it can offer financially successful and stable partnership opportunities.  Approximately 40% of patients learn they have End Stage Kidney Disease upon presenting to Emergency Departments.  Incorporating an outpatient element to complement inpatient services can not only help reduce the length of stay, but also provides an opportunity to help patients begin their treatments in a home setting – which ultimately reduces hospitalizations and unnecessary readmissions. Joint venturing on outpatient dialysis will also help turn your renal program from a cost center to a profit center.

dialysis for health plans

For Health Plans

Satellite Healthcare delivers distinctive value by engaging patients, families, and professionals in innovative and successful CKD care. 


Our PD and HHD patients consistently surpass clinical outcome benchmarks – helping to mitigate hospitalizations, medical complications and their associated costs.

HD care research

Kidney Care Research

Through collaboration with our partners, we approach research by applying rigorous scientific principles in order to generate knowledge that leads to clinical solutions which can be rapidly implemented across the nephrology community. Satellite clinical research focuses on applied pragmatic clinical research in partnership with academic institutions, nephrologists and on a contract basis with a variety of sponsors.