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Our Leaders

Satellite Healthcare’s commitment to individualized patient care begins with the people we choose to lead our teams of healthcare professionals. Proven and accomplished, the people leading our organization are drawn to Satellite Healthcare because of our focus the patient and employee experience. 

Learn more about the leaders who contribute to the mission and goals of Satellite Healthcare.

Meet the Senior Management Team

Jeffrey CEO
Jeffrey Goffman Chief Executive Officer

Jeffrey Goffman is Chief Executive Officer of Satellite Healthcare.

Jeffrey is a seasoned healthcare executive with more than 20 years of experience in multi-state, multi-site healthcare services with a broad focus on physician practice management, patient quality care, alternative payment models, operations, compliance, ancillary services, MSO support services, de novos, acquisitions and hospital joint ventures.

Being able to bring my vast healthcare experience to help Satellite Healthcare expand access to high quality dialysis services, in-center and at home, is what drives me. Away from the office, I enjoy yoga, theatre, arts, movies and spending time with my family.
bernadette vincent
Bernadette Vincent, RN, MBA President & Chief Operating Officer
Bernadette Vincent oversees operations of Satellite Healthcare, including delivery of kidney health and dialysis interdisciplinary services in clinic, home, and acute settings. She also oversees provider contracting, human resources, procurement, other patient and professional services for new business ventures and strategy.
A common thread exists among all of our clinical staff, regardless of where patient care occurs. And that is the unrelenting commitment to helping our patients live life to the fullest.
Jeff Brown Chief Information Officer
Jeff Brown is an IT executive with extensive experience in guiding the use of innovative technology in healthcare settings. His background includes strategic initiatives in the areas of informatics, technology, operations, and finance.
Thoughtful, person-centered technology solutions help improve patient outcomes and staff efficiencies. Plus, data from these solutions speed up the pace of research as we search for clinical improvements that make life better for our patients.
susane delbene
Susan Del Bene Chief Financial Officer
Susan Del Bene’s financial leadership is essential to Satellite Healthcare’s ability to plan, build and execute its growth strategy as a not-for-profit. She draws on a career focused on helping health care organizations reach their goals.
Health care organizations can’t fully help the people they serve unless they’re financially strong and stable. My professional mission is to ensure that occurs.
Marsha Dodd
Marsha Dodd Chief Development Officer
Marsha Dodd leads many of our strategic growth initiatives and manages key partner relationships with like-minded organizations who focus on innovations for kidney care patients.
Every patient deserves the best life possible, and our role is to find ways to support them and their needs at the time, in the place, and in the way that they need it.
ken leidner
Ken Leidner Chief Growth Officer
Ken Leidner excels at cultivating and nurturing meaningful collaborations between physicians, hospitals and health systems. This talent supports his efforts to build and expand our care network, delivering value to kidney patients, their caregivers, and the broader health care system.
I think about growth from the perspective of how we can meet patients where they are, and make it as easy as possible for them to receive the best, most seamless kidney care possible.  This is what inspires me every day.
estrella parker
Estrella Parker Chief Human Resources Officer
Estrella Parker leads our culture strategy and people partnership function with responsibility for attracting and retaining talent to providing a total employee value experience that rewards, develops, and inspires our employees to be their best selves in working together to live our mission.
My work is about creating a positive workplace culture and people support programs where employees are satisfied, fulfilled and inspired.  This helps our employees be their best at caring for others and developing their careers.
brigitte schiller md
Dr. Brigitte Schiller Chief Medical Officer
Brigitte Schiller’s expertise as a nephrologist, researcher and university educator permeates the organization and reaches patients and staff in the form of a compassionate, leading-edge approach to person-centered kidney care.
I believe that individualized patient care is a fundamental human right. I’m passionate about improving the care of our patients and empowering them to live better lives.
Keith Lester SVP, Home Therapies / Optimal Life - Care Management
Keith Lester leads Satellite Healthcare’s home dialysis strategy to grow the adoption and expand the services that help people living with kidney disease enjoy the benefits and flexibility of treatment modalities centered in their home.
Home dialysis is a beautifully orchestrated collaboration between nephrologists, the treatment support team, patient, and caregiver leading to a better quality of life for those living on dialysis.
Jim Glafkides
Jim Glafkides VP, Managed Care Services
Jim Glafkides provides executive oversight for the Managed Care Services, which includes payer contracting, credentialing and integrated care. Additionally, he is actively involved in Satellite Healthcare’s response to the future direction of kidney care as addressed in the Executive Order on Advancing American Kidney Health.
It’s extremely exciting to be on the forefront of the change that is happening in healthcare. My role at Satellite Healthcare enables me to work with payers and physicians to bring the highest quality care to patients with kidney disease.
Cassandra headshot
Cassandra Pullen VP, Risk Management & Chief Compliance Officer
Cassandra Pullen oversees Risk Management and Corporate Compliance at Satellite Healthcare in its efforts to sustain long-term compliance with health care laws, rules and regulations.
Ensuring compliance and managing risk is a continuous process to adhere to regulatory guidelines, improve operational efficiencies, and increase quality of care.
Patrice Smith VP, Marketing, Communications & Public Policy
Patrice Smith leads Marketing, Communications and Public Policy for Satellite Healthcare. She effectively tells our story, increases our brand presence and advocates for our patients. Patrice’s work touches internal and external audiences, including employees, physicians, patients, influencers, media and policy makers.
Nothing is more rewarding than informing and connecting people through communications that positively influence behavior and action.
Clayton headshot
Clayton T. Howes Sr. Director, Corporate Strategy
Clayton leads the Office of Strategy Management, guiding teams throughout the organization to realize key growth and strategic initiatives furthering Satellite Healthcare’s Mission.
True success is about bringing value, and value begins and ends with people. Empowering teams to build practical, logical plans that translate a vision into reality is at the core of any strategic accomplishment.

Meet the Board of Directors

Christobel Selecky Board Chair
Christobel Selecky brings to Satellite Healthcare’s Board extensive experience in managed care, value based models, disease management and population health. She cultivated this expertise leading LifeMasters Supported SelfCare and prior, the FHP California Health Plan. In addition to teaching Healthcare Entrepreneurship in the UC system, she is involved with not-for-profit health care systems, and companies providing innovative solutions such as digital health, immunotherapy, and pioneering care and caregiver support for Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.
Satellite Healthcare’s leaders, clinicians, employees and board members come together with a single focus, to proactively address the impact of chronic kidney disease while finding innovative ways to make the life of each kidney patient the best it can be.
Elizabeth Burr Board Member
Elizabeth Burr has had a career creating innovation strategy and operationalizing commercial initiatives in some of the largest, most complex organizations in the world with functional roles spanning finance, marketing and operations. She is currently President and Chief Commercial Officer at Carrot, Inc., a digital health company based in Silicon Valley.
Satellite Healthcare is a national force in delivering strong patient health outcomes and a high degree of patient satisfaction.  It builds its operations, innovations and structure around the needs and aspirations of each individual patient.
Glenn Matthew Chertow, MD, MPH Board Member
Dr. Glenn Matthew Chertow is a practicing nephrologist at the Medical Specialties Clinic at Stanford and additionally serves as Chief of Nephrology at Stanford Hospital. He is renowned for his expertise in kidney care, having published more than 200 articles.  Additionally, he has received numerous honors and awards for his work in this area.
I’m proud to serve on Satellite Healthcare’s Board because my utmost priority closely mirrors the organization’s mission, which is to make life better for people living with kidney disease.
John Panetta Board Member
John Panetta’s extensive experience providing counsel to tax exempt organizations is a valuable resource in supporting Satellite Healthcare and its not-for-profit structure. He has more than 30 years of experience in the exempt organization tax area. He served as an adjunct faculty member of the School of Taxation at Golden Gate University, and as a visiting lecturer at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University.
When not-for profit organizations understand their tax status, they can abide by their obligations and more comprehensively plan how best to deliver their services.
Luis Alvarez, MD, PhD Board Member
Dr. Luis Alvarez is Chief of the Division of Nephrology at Palo Alto Medical Foundation and serves as Medical Director for Satellite WellBound of Fremont. He’s applying his background in medical device development to work on improving technologies for home hemodialysis, and critical care applications.
Satellite Healthcare was an early adopter of home dialysis and has the highest percentage of patients on this modality.   I’m drawn to the organization because of its enduring commitment to treat kidney patients with the most appropriate, individualized and compassionate care for their needs. Satellite Healthcare is a transformational force in the dialysis industry.  Together, as a family of health care providers and patients, we are working toward individualized and empowered patient care.
Robert Fahlman Board Member
Robert Fahlman has more than 30 years’ experience leading health care organizations and segments spanning provider and payer services, health care technology, eBusiness/eHealth, marketing, sales, and customer relationships. He served in executive leadership roles in companies such as Preferred Homecare, Arcadian Health, Paradigm Management Services and eHealth.
Companies are better able to deliver on their mission when the functions that comprise them work arm-in-arm with a unified vision.  Satellite Healthcare’s focus on making life better for people with kidney disease is the North Star that guides everything they do.
Sarah Blanchard Board Member

Sarah Blanchard’s work within an organization that is focused on preventing and managing diabetes and hypertension – two major contributors to kidney disease - brings great benefit to Satellite Healthcare’s Board.

 Ms. Blanchard is Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer at Omada Health, based in San Francisco. Omada Health works to change habits of people with chronic conditions to improve their health through sustainable lifestyle change, decreasing healthcare costs.

Helping people with chronic disease change long-held habits is difficult without trained, invested care providers and the right tools to keep them on track.  Satellite Healthcare’s holistic, patient-focused care teams empower patients with the information to make decisions for a longer, healthier life.
Tom Williams Board Member
Tom Williams is active in board governance and is an advisor to health care organizations. He is an expert in value-based care and payment, population health, accountable care organizations and health insurance. Most recently, Mr. Williams served in the role of Vice President and General Manager, Health Plan Operations and Accountable Care at Stanford Health Care from January 2015 to May 2020.
Satellite’s research focus on how best to deliver care has improved the standard of care within its centers and across the industry. Its patients, and those throughout the chronic kidney disease community, are the better for it.