Nighttime hemodialysis for more daytime freedom

nighttime center dialysis?

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Longer hemodialysis treatments gently remove waste and extra fluid from your body. Having these treatments while you sleep helps you feel your best and leaves your days open for work, school, hobbies or time with your family. 


Nocturnal Hemodialysis Basics 


  1. Three nights a week 
  2. Starts around 8:00 p.m. and lasts about eight hours, depending on your kidney doctor’s prescription
  3. Longer, slower treatment that’s easier on your body 

To help you sleep  

  1. Noise in the center is kept to a minimum and the lights are lowered 
  2. The number of people in the dialysis center is limited
  3. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and/or pillow

Is it right for you?

Nighttime center hemodialysis might be the right treatment if you:

  • Need or want to work or attend school during the day
  • Want more energy
  • Want a better appetite
  • Would like more freedom in food and drink choices
  • Want to feel better faster after treatment


What you will like about center nighttime dialysis

  1. Your days are free to work or do whatever you please. 
  2. You may have more energy and a better appetite. 
  3. Your care team is usually the same every time you receive treatment. 
  4. It takes less time to recover from fatigue after nighttime dialysis than after a regular center dialysis treatment. 
  5. Research shows extended-hour hemodialysis may lead to a longer, healthier life.

Some things to consider

  1. You may miss sleeping at home. 
  2. You may find sleeping in a recliner less comfortable than a bed. 
  3. You may find it harder to sleep soundly in a room with other people and some light. 
  4. It may take a few weeks to adjust to sleeping in the center.

try nighttime dialysis

Give nighttime dialysis a try for at least 3 months

It may take a few weeks to get used to having treatment at night while you sleep. Try it for at least three months. This gives you and your doctor a chance to see whether nighttime dialysis is right for you.

Most patients do very well and want to continue nighttime treatment. However, if you find it’s not for you, your care team can help you return to daytime treatments. 

In the words of our patients

It gives you control of your lifestyle. For me, it means I don’t have to miss work. Roderick
patient - roderick
Nocturnal dialysis has really made a difference in my health. I went for a repeat heart test and the nurse thought she had the wrong patient. My typically abnormal heart test is essentially normal now. Manny
patient - manny
With fewer patients, we get a lot of personal attention. Ronald
patient - ronald
It’s prolonging my life and making it better. Now, I have time to attend my kids’ school events. Doug
Patient - doug
I feel a lot better on nocturnal. It’s a world of difference compared to the day. Because it’s so much slower it’s easier on the body. When I get done I’m able to work. David