Home hemodialysis treatments on your schedule

home hemodialysis lifestyle?

Training, support, and encouragement to help you feel your best

People pick home hemodialysis to live the longest, healthiest life they can with the freedom to live the way they want.

Private, expert training

Home hemodialysis treatment, or HHD for short, begins with in-depth, private training by a knowledgeable and kind dialysis nurse in a home dialysis education center. Often, the person who needs dialysis and their dialysis partner are trained together. Step-by-step, the nurse makes sure you understand the dialysis process and how to work your equipment. In about three  to four  weeks, most people feel comfortable doing treatments at home by themselves or with their partner.

Supplies delivered each month

Each month, HHD supplies arrive at your home so you can perform your treatment on a schedule designed by you and your doctor. Many people on HHD have treatments at night while they sleep.

HHD lifestyle

Many people on HHD have treatments at night, while they sleep. This means their days are free to work, attend school, or do whatever they want.

24/7 help and support

About once a month, you meet with your home dialysis care team—including your dialysis nurse, social worker, and dietitian.  This is to make sure you’re as healthy as you can be. When you have a question, a dialysis nurse is ready to help you 24/7 by phone.

Learn more about home dialysis and find out why more than 95% of doctors and nurses would choose dialysis at home.

Home hemodialysis might be the right option if you:

  • Like a flexible schedule
  • Want to work or attend school
  • Want to have more energy
  • Prefer treatment in a private setting
  • Want more freedom in what you can eat and drink
  • Have some space at home to store supplies

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Hemodialysis (HD)

Blood is cleaned using an artificial kidney machine and filter.

A little at a time, blood flows out of the body into the dialysis machine. Waste and extra fluid are removed from your blood. The cleaned blood is returned to your body.

Take a minute to see how hemodialysis works to clean your blood.
home dialysis room set up

More than 90% of people on home hemodialysis are happy with their choice.

Are you asking yourself, ‘can I really learn how to do dialysis at home?’  The answer is ‘absolutely!’  Satellite nurses have helped thousands of people learn how to do dialysis at home, with confidence.      

Home dialysis machine how to

Take a closer look at a home hemodialysis machine

Joanna, one of our home dialysis nurses, walks you through the basics of how the home hemodialysis machine works.

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Watch Annette set up for an overnight home hemodialysis treatment

At first, Annette worried she wouldn’t be able to do treatments herself. Today, she says it’s the best dialysis decision she could have made.  

Dialysis nurse available 24/7

No matter where you are or what time it is, you can immediately reach a trained home dialysis nurse by phone anytime, day or night, every day of the year.

home dialysis room set up

Your dialysis team helps you prepare a space in your home for treatments

Most people need a few small changes to their home to ensure their treatment is safe and comfortable. In most cases, these tasks are fast, easy and affordable.

You and your care team

You are the most important person on your dialysis team. Standing by you are highly-trained and supportive health care experts ready to help you live a better life.

Meet the care team
home dialysis care team

In the words of our patients

I’m working on my bucket list, which is all the places I want to go. I can do that now. Even beyond that, I think I’m still here, and alive, and functioning as well as I do, because I’m doing home hemo. Annette
There are some real advantages to it, especially the flexibility, and the way you can customize it your needs. Dick
I wouldn’t have the confidence to do home hemo if it wasn’t for Satellite educating me on a constant basis. Robert
The fact that I work, having the energy to work all day, and have our gatherings with friends or family, I’m able to be a better provider for my family now and to keep up with them. Elias