Satellite Healthcare Leads Industry in Quality Outcomes

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Since 2015, when CMS began its dialysis facilities star rating program, Satellite Healthcare has led the country in both quality care and patient satisfaction.   

The story behind each CMS star begins with someone living on dialysis, the care and treatment they receive, and the health and lifestyle outcomes they experience.  

The moment a physician and patient choose Satellite is the moment our commitment to an individualized care plan begins. A plan that reflects the contributions of a dedicated interdisciplinary team of kidney professionals.

CMS looks at the following when determining quality star ratings

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  • standardized mortality ratio 
  • standardized hospitalization ratio 
  • standardized re-admission ratio 
  • standardized transfusion ratio 
  • hemodialysis vascular access standardized fistula rate 
  • hemodialysis vascular access long-term catheter rate 
  • dialysis adequacy, as measured by total Kt/V 
  • the proportion of patients with hypercalcemia

Satellite CMS star ratings exceed the national average

Each year, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) assigns ratings for each US dialysis facility in two categories: the quality of the facility and patients’ satisfaction with the care they receive there. These ratings range from one star (lowest rating) to five stars (highest rating).


Quality Patient Care Star Rating

The complex data that comprises the star rating system represents the aggregated clinical measurements and standardized ratio benchmarks of each dialysis center’s patient population.

CMS’s most recently released quality results indicate:

  • 94% of Satellite Healthcare centers received either three, four or five stars.
  • 62% of Satellite Healthcare centers included in the program received a CMS quality rating of four or five stars.
  • This exceeds the national average of 57% of centers with four or five stars.


Patient Satisfaction Star Rating

CMS’ patient survey star ratings reflect patients’ assessment of the quality of communication, caring, and center operations of their kidney doctor and their treatment team.

CMS’s most recently released patient experience results indicate:

  • 84% of centers were rated 4 or 5 stars – an 8% increased over Satellite’s previous year ratings.
  • Satellite Healthcare leads all U.S. dialysis providers in patient experience with the highest percentage of centers rated four or five stars.
  • 100% of centers were rated 3, 4, or 5 stars which is 32% higher than the national average.
  • Satellite is the only provider among those rated to have none of its centers rated lower than 3 stars.

Satellite Healthcare teams actively and enthusiastically engage in a rigorous Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) system. Our quality outcomes show it works.

Satellite patients experience a:

  • lower mortality rate;
  • lower hospital admissions ratio;
  • lower number of days in the hospital; 
  • lower number of visits to the emergency department;
  • much higher kidney transplantation ratio, especially among patients on home modalities; 
  • reduced incidence of peritonitis in our peritoneal dialysis patients; and
  • significantly reduced incidence of blood stream infections, to a rate far lower than the national average.

Much of our clinical-focused research aims to decrease morbidity and mortality among ESKD patients. Through these efforts we’ve learned that:

The direct connection between ESKD patients’ psychosocial well-being and their overall health drives the psychosocial-related research that Satellite conducts. Our research in this sphere demonstrates that:

  • using a simple screening tool can identify patients who endure stress and anxiety, which often lead to depression and poor health. This has paved the way for care teams to decrease patients’ dialysis-related stress and facilitate meaningful tasks and social connection; 
  • laughter therapy in our centers reduced symptoms of depression in 11 out of 12 patients; and
  • modality counseling for patients who receive in-center hemodialysis can increase their use of home dialysis, which is known to have superior health outcomes.

And despite the strong connection between a person’s physical activity and psychosocial health, exercise studies of people on peritoneal dialysis, many of whom are physically inactive and frail, are scarce. Satellite’s research concluded it is feasible and safe for these patients to engage in resistance and cardiovascular exercise, and that PD therapy should include such exercise programs.

physician satisfaction

Outstanding physician satisfaction rates

Satellite conducts an annual Net Promoter survey of the medical directors. With a response rate well over 80%, Satellite clinical leaders use this quantitative and qualitative feedback to fine tune the physician experience at our centers.

In a recent survey with medical directors, on a 10-point scale:

  • Satellite Healthcare, as a whole, earned an NPS of +60 (mean 8.67);

  • Satellite in-center dialysis centers earned a score of +69 (mean 8.98); and 

  • WellBound home dialysis centers earned a world-class +81 (mean 9.17). 

These values suggest a high degree of loyalty and satisfaction amongst Satellite and WellBound Medical Directors.



best patient satisfaction information technology

Bringing the care team onto the same 'page'

Our electronic health record platform connects referring physicians, medical directors, case managers, and physician office staff to Satellite’s patient information and health records from any internet-connected device, including tablets and smartphones. Our participation in the eHealth Exchange Network enhances patient care by enabling us to easily and securely exchange electronic data with other healthcare provider systems and participating organizations.

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With all the talk about treatment, we never lose sight that what it’s really about is helping people live a longer, healthier life that includes time to enjoy the moments of joy that make life worth living.

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A strong and stable non-profit that puts people first

Satellite was founded as a non-profit organization by a pioneering kidney doctor. For nearly 50 years, our physician-led organization has continued to offer people living with CKD expert treatment, compassionate support and empowering education that helps them live their best life possible.

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