Home dialysis means greater freedom and flexibility


Better health outcomes and a higher quality of life

Dialysis at home gives you the most significant control of your schedule while helping you feel your best. 


Home dialysis begins with in-depth training by a knowledgeable and kind dialysis nurse until you’re comfortable doing treatments at home.

Supplies arrive at your home so you can perform your treatment on a schedule designed by you and your healthcare team. When you have a question, a dialysis nurse is ready to help you 24/7 by phone.


About once a month, you meet with your home dialysis care team – including your dialysis nurse, social worker, and dietitian – to make sure you’re  as healthy as you can be. 

Learn more about home dialysis and find out why more than 95% of doctors and nurses would choose dialysis at home.

Home dialysis yields superior results

For most patients, home dialysis means better health and better quality-of-life compared to receiving treatments at a dialysis center. Here are a few reasons why dialysis at home is worth considering.

More energy

People on home dialysis experience less buildup of toxins in their blood, and they recover from treatments more quickly. That means more energy for work, travel, and spending time with family and friends.

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Treatments on your schedule

With home dialysis, you can make dialysis fit your lifestyle. Your treatment team will help you decide when and where to have your treatment: during the day or at night, at home, in an RV, or even on a cruise. You'll love the flexibility of home dialysis.

Fewer food limitations and medications

Home dialysis gives you a bit more freedom to enjoy the foods you love. Also, many patients take fewer medications because home dialysis does a better job removing harmful toxins and extra fluid.

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Peritoneal dialysis (PD)

With peritoneal dialysis, the blood is cleansed through the lining of the abdomen.

  • PD treatments use the lining of your abdomen (peritoneum) and a special solution ("dialysate") to remove toxins and extra fluid from your blood.
  • At-home PD treatments can be performed during the day or night – or both – either using a machine or doing it by yourself.

home hemodialysis machine

Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

Blood is cleansed via an artificial kidney machine and filter.

  • Home hemodialysis is very similar to dialysis center hemodialysis. The blood circulates into the dialysis machine, where toxins and extra fluid are removed. The cleaned blood is then circulated back to the body.
  • Home hemodialysis machines are specially designed for patient ease of use.

Home dialysis and COVID-19

Dialysis patients with COVID-19 who don't need hospitalization receive the same individualized, compassionate care, with special precautions to prevent the spread of the virus. Satellite is here for you no matter what, to make sure you get the dialysis you need to maintain your health.

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hd training

More than 90% of patients on home dialysis are happy with their choice.

Are you asking yourself, "can I really learn how to do dialysis at home?" the answer is, "absolutely!" 

Your nurse is an expert at helping you become skilled at using the equipment to perform dialysis. And 24/7 help from an experienced dialysis nurse is just a phone call away.

Home Dialysis Prep
home dialysis training

In the words of our patients

I’m working on my bucket list, which is all the places I want to go. I can do that now. Even beyond that, I think I’m still here, and alive, and functioning as well as I do, because I’m doing home hemo. Annette
There are some real advantages to it, especially the flexibility, and the way you can customize it to your needs. Dick
I am so glad I learned how to do dialysis at home. I have energy and feel hopeful about the future. Best of all, I can have treatment anywhere. Our next big trip is a cruise. I can't wait. Eric
Dialysis has reversed the whole thing. Now I do 100 pushups in the morning and I do 100 pushups in the evening. I do 50 laps, and then I’ll go ride the bike. I’m not trying to impress you, I’m trying to express what dialysis can do. Ken
I wouldn’t have the confidence to do home hemo if it wasn’t for Satellite educating me on a constant basis. Robert
The fact that I work, having the energy to work all day, and have our gatherings with friends or family, I’m able to be a better provider for my family now and to keep up with them. Elias
I can live the life I want to. I can travel, I’ve been to Europe with my dialysis machine. Nothing stopped us. Patrick
They've been very supportive...cheering me on, making sure I'm okay. Wilson

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"More than 95% of doctors and nurses would choose dialysis at home."

"Generally, people who do dialysis at home live longer, better lives."

"Dialysis at home may seem overwhelming at first, but most people are successful and very satisfied with their choice."