What to do if you go to the hospital


No one wants to think about a hospital stay, but there are some really important things to remember if you’re admitted.

Be sure to share this information with your family and friends, so they can speak for you if you’re unable to tell the doctors and nurses yourself.

Call your kidney doctor and your dialysis center

Leave your name and say that you’re going to the hospital. Let the doctor know which hospital.

Tell the hospital you have dialysis treatments

Give them the name and phone number of your doctor and your center.

Tell the hospital that you need:

  • Dialysis treatments while in the hospital
  • Dialysis-friendly meals
  • For fistula/grafts, blood draws to be taken from your non-dialysis access arm and as close to the hand as possible
  • For those on PD, people helping with treatment to wear a mask and have washed their hands just before connecting and disconnecting treatment

If you go to the hospital, make sure everyone there knows you have dialysis treatments. Make sure they communicate with your kidney doctor and dialysis center.

Reduce time in the hospital

Good communication between you, the hospital staff, your dialysis center, and your kidney doctor can help reduce the number of days you’re in the hospital and reduce your  risk of returning to the hospital.

Call your kidney doctor and dialysis center to tell them


Take current medications with you if possible


Tell the hospital you’re a dialysis patient


Call your dialysis center to schedule your next treatment


Give the discharge papers to your dialysis center immediately when you return


Give your dialysis care team details about your hospital stay

Things to know before a hospital stay

Mikie, a Satellite social worker, walks you through the things you should know about going to the hospital and what should happen for a safe return to your regular dialysis schedule.

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Learning from other people on dialysis

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I forgot to say I was a dialysis patient

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