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Applied Pragmatic Clinical Research (APCR), is the cornerstone of Satellite Healthcare’s commitment to continuous innovation that can improve both the standard of care and the quality of life for those living with kidney disease.

APCR takes a pragmatic approach to research by conducting studies in real world settings while adhering to an agenda that tests hypotheses in the areas of patient experience, clinical improvements and alternative dialysis delivery models. 

The many contributions Satellite Healthcare makes to promote high quality individualized care and improve patient experience originate with Satellite Healthcare Research. Our researchers work to identify practical solutions discovered at the center level through careful evaluation of clinical outcomes, quality metrics and the feedback solicited from patients and clinicians. In collaboration with our Operations team, these solutions are then refined and scaled to meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals across the organization and the wider CKD community.

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Peer-reviewed published articles

Satellite Healthcare kidney care experts are at the forefront of CKD/ESKD research. Their research findings are frequently published in industry publications and discussed at industry conferences.

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Research findings and summaries

As our Research team uncovers clues and identifies solutions to improve patient care and quality of life, they often share findings with other healthcare professionals in the form of white papers.

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NephTalk Podcast

Many of our most important research projects are summarized in episodes of the NephTalk podcast.

Satellite Healthcare Research Programs

Our In-house Research program is centered on identifying practical patterns in the delivery of CKD/ESKD care that will improve patient outcomes. Objectives include:

  • Discover and implement solutions that promote high quality, individualized care
  • Advance quality treatment within the context of excellent patient experience
  • Increase the number of patients selecting and using home therapies such as home hemodialysis (HHD) and Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) 
  • Discover opportunities to reduce home dialysis drop-out rates
  • Investigate alternative therapy options for patients living with kidney disease

Satellite Healthcare demonstrates our commitment to education and research by generously supporting academic research, education, and CKD community outreach with research grants totaling up to $1.2 MM per year.

Established in 2000, The Norman S. Coplon External Grant Program (EGP) enables young researchers to undertake clinical or basic research projects related to the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease. Our grant program focuses on Applied Pragmatic Clinical Research (APCR).  APCR emphasizes research relevant to patients living with kidney disease that is conducted in real-world settings, has near term application and addresses an unmet need while maintaining cost-effective sustainability. 

Our areas of focus for research are in projects that aim to humanize dialysis and value-based kidney care:

  • Clinical and operational improvement of dialysis care
  • Additional services and coordination of care (home dialysis and beyond)
  • Transformation of care models and innovation

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Our Collaborative Research program is committed to providing support to external partners by providing access to dialysis patients, staff, patient data, and the opportunity to access our nephrology experts to share expertise and best practices. 

We seek to build collaborative partnerships in the nephrology and dialysis specialty to advance Satellite Healthcare’s mission and commitment to continuous innovation that improves the standard of care and patients’ quality of life. We encourage partnerships that emphasize Applied Pragmatic Clinical Research (APCR) in the areas of patient quality of life, patient experience, and clinical outcomes.

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Satellite Healthcare sponsors fellows from Stanford University and other academic institutions to help train and inspire the next generation of nephrology clinical and research professionals during a one-year fellowship at Satellite Healthcare. In our fellowship program, nephrology physicians-in-training spend some of their fellowship years at Satellite Healthcare focused on dialysis-related research and quality improvement projects directly related to patient care delivery at Satellite.

The research fellow will execute a research study during a one-year placement. He/she will also assist the department in ongoing research which provides unique insight into the various research roles and types of research conducted by non-profit organizations like Satellite Healthcare.  

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Satellite Healthcare participates in contract research with a variety of sponsors in areas that align with Satellite Healthcare’s mission and Applied Pragmatic Clinical Research strategy. We consider proposals to conduct clinical trials that evaluate investigational drugs or devices at various phases of their development.

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Kidney Care Connection

Kidney Care Connection is an entirely new center concept that focuses only on addressing the needs of people who are newly diagnosed with ESKD. Learn about the center and how it concentrates on delivering exceptional care at the start of dialysis.


Satellite Healthcare Research Programs

Satellite Healthcare piloted a comprehensive, in-center Laughter Therapy study that measured the effects of group laughter therapy on depression symptoms in people on hemodialysis. The encouraging results of the study were published by ‘Hemodialysis International 2020’.

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