An Exercise Program for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

Kidney Medicine Volume 2, Issue 3 | May-June 2020

An Exercise Program for Peritoneal Dialysis Patients in the United States: A Feasibility Study

Authors: Paul N. Bennett, Wael F. Hussein, Kimberly Matthews, Mike West, Erick Smith, Marc Reiterman, Grace Alagadan, Bryan Shragge, Jignesh Patel, & Brigitte M. Schiller

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People with end-stage kidney disease receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD) are generally physically inactive and frail. Exercise studies in PD are scarce and currently there are no PD exercise programs in the United States. The primary objective of this study was to test the feasibility of a combined resistance and cardiovascular exercise program for PD patients under the care of a dedicated home dialysis center in the United States.