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Satellite Healthcare Affiliate National Nephrology Alliance and Nephrology Associates Medical Group Announce Collaboration to Form Strategic Alliance and Management Services Organization

NNA’s unique business model brings together physician leaders to promote value-based care and innovation across the kidney care continuum 

SAN JOSE and RIVERSIDE, Calif. – May 02, 2022 – National Nephrology Alliance (NNA) announced today its strategic alliance with Nephrology Associates Medical Group (NAMG), a prominent provider of nephrology care with the largest nephrology clinical practice serving Riverside and San Bernardino Counties. This collaboration clinically and financially aligns the two organizations to advance individualized, patient-centered kidney care and keep patients with chronic kidney disease as healthy as possible.

NNA, a management services organization (MS0), partners with nephrology practices such as NAMG to enhance practice growth, align practice groups for value-based care, and innovate treatment approaches customized for each specific patient. The collaboration additionally provides nephrology groups with advanced technologies, support and resources to manage their administrative “back office” needs, freeing up nephrologists to devote time to their highest priorities.  

Joining forces through combining provider assets and integrating their clinical expertise and experience is a significant development in the quest of NNA and its nephrology partners to provide the best possible care to a community of patients with chronic kidney disease as early as possible in their disease progression.

Through this collaboration, nephrology practices can customize each patient’s care earlier on their chronic kidney disease journey to slow their disease progression, improve their overall health, and reduce their likelihood of needing hospitalization or dialysis, lowering the cost of their care.  

This partnership enables nephrology practices to remain independent and become aligned with one another through similarly structured value-based care agreements, and the benefit they each derive as co-owners of NNA without the worry of shareholder demands. 

“NNA makes it easier for nephrology practices to identify their patients who are most likely to experience kidney failure and require hospitalization or dialysis, thereby empowering them to intervene in ways that can slow the progression of the disease,” said Ravin Bisla, National Nephrology Alliance’s President and Chief Development Officer. “In addition to improving patient health, care teams can work with patients more thoughtfully to plan for their future, including the prospect of kidney transplantation.”

“We are excited to partner with NNA in our common pursuit to bring to patients the highest quality and value possible for each individual patient we serve,” said Dr. Sal Ishak, Partner, NAMG. “This partnership provides our group with autonomy, a path for our future growth, and it delivers the best analytics, professional management services, and patient-centered care. Both organizations have experience and expertise to offer, enabling us to continue to thrive as an independent practice well into the future.”  

“Our collaboration with NNA aligns perfectly with our own strategic vision for growth, as we advance our care models,” said Dr. Arthur Galoustian, Partner, NAMG. “Ultimately, it enhances our ability to do what we aim to do every day – increase our patients’ confidence and well-being to meaningfully manage their illness and live the best life possible with purpose.”

“Satellite’s purpose is to be a catalyst for the transformation of kidney care.  With the collaboration of nephrologists, we can successfully implement value-based care programs to impact the country’s 37 million people with chronic kidney disease and delay the progression of ESRD,” said Jeff Goffman, Satellite Healthcare CEO. “We are excited to partner with NAMG as the founding physician group of NNA, aligned with our commitment to provide the best quality care to people living with kidney disease.”  

About National Nephrology Alliance 
National Nephrology Alliance, LLC (NNA), an affiliate of Satellite Healthcare, Inc. is a physician-led management services organization (MSO) that collaborates with nephrology practices to attain optimal clinical and business goals.  NNA’s focus on implementing value-based health management care models, ranging from chronic kidney disease to end-stage kidney disease, benefits patients, payors, and the broader health care system. NNA provides its partnering nephrology practices with expert back office and administrative support resources so nephrologists can focus on patient care, clinical outcomes, and practice growth. For more information, visit www.nationalnephrologyalliance.com.

About Nephrology Associates Medical Group
Nephrology Associates Medical Group (NAMG) is engaged in the practice of nephrology, or kidney treatment, in Riverside and San Bernardino Counties, California. NAMG has been treating patients for over 40 years and currently cares for patients at its 16 offices and vast network of dialysis units and hospitals throughout the Inland Empire. NAMG and its 32 nephrologists have been one of the nation's leading groups focused on CKD management, value-based care and home therapy. For more information, visit www.namg.net.

About Satellite Healthcare
Satellite Healthcare, Inc. has been among the nation's leading non-profit providers of kidney dialysis and related services since 1974 and is dedicated to maintaining a workforce that mirrors its diverse communities. Through its affiliated entities and services, Satellite WellBound, Satellite Dialysis, and Satellite Research, Satellite Healthcare provides unparalleled kidney care services addressing patient wellness education, chronic kidney care management, and personalized clinical services.  It focuses on the imperatives of value-based care, high quality, cost management, access to kidney care services, and emphasizing the importance of Home Dialysis therapies.

Satellite Healthcare has more than 95 kidney care and ancillary centers across seven states and partners with prominent integrated care groups, nephrologists, hospitals, and health care systems in the United States, including an innovative joint venture with CVS Kidney Care.  Satellite Healthcare’s well-recognized mission of “making life better for those living with kidney disease” includes an enduring commitment to philanthropy and community service, from funding millions of dollars in research grants to sponsoring kidney programs nationwide.  For more information, visit satellitehealthcare.com.