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Kidney Care Connection addresses what physicians told us they want for their patients and what patients told us they need.

A center with a revolutionary care model focused on delivering exceptional patient care at the start of dialysis.

A place where people requiring dialysis will find individualized and comprehensive support to adapt to the life change their diagnosis requires and the expert guidance to move forward with confidence.

An experience that is highly personalized, compassionate and addresses the clinical and psychosocial needs of patients and their families.

A community with resources, expertise, human kindness, and a common goal of empowering people to take control of their care while building their confidence to live life as they hope to.

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The mission of Kidney Care Connection is to provide compassionate, innovative care that empowers people with kidney disease to live life as they hope to.

We aim to be unsurpassed for the individualized experience we provide, the quality we ensure, and the compassion that is our promise by empowering patients early with comprehensive care.

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Have you been recently diagnosed with kidney disease that requires dialysis? Take a virtual tour of Kidney Care Connection to find out if this compassionate healthcare center would be a good fit for you.

Nephtalk: The New Kidney Care Connection

"We always have to ask ourselves, ‘What is of value to the patient? What does the patient need?’ Kidney Care Connection answers these needs, not by telling patients what we can offer, but them telling us what they need to live well."

Drs. Brigitte Schiller, MD, and Wael Hussein, MD discuss Satellite Healthcare's newest care model.

Satellite Healthcare continues to be a catalyst for the transformation of kidney care.


Satellite Healthcare was among the first to move dialysis out of the hospital and into free standing, neighborhood clinics.

Satellite Healthcare founder Dr. Norm Coplon opened the first Satellite Dialysis center in San Jose, CA.


Satellite was first to introduce freestanding centers dedicated to home dialysis support and training.

Satellite WellBound centers provide home dialysis patients with expert and ongoing support and training.


Satellite Healthcare is first to establish a center focused on delivering exceptional, comprehensive care for patients at the start of dialysis.

Kidney Care Connection is an entirely new center concept that focuses exclusively on addressing the needs of people who are newly diagnosed with ESKD.

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